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Go to the link below for comments and questions, and fill in the form under the heading: Transportation- Distracted Driving Legislation. It is that easy. Here is my entry, as an example of what you can say(with thanks to Earl VE6NI for some content I pirated from him). Why reinvent the wheel?
Please be advised that Amateur (ham) Radio Operators in the Province of Alberta are licensed by Industry Canada to operate 2 way radios. In instances of Emergency or Disaster they become an invaluable tool for nearly all services when cell sites are overloaded and land lines are not available or out of service.
As radio amateurs, we are concerned that there should be no prohibition regarding the use of radio amateur equipment while in vehicles, under any circumstances (not just while involved in a Search and Rescue operation or an officially declared disaster.) In addition to periodically having mock search exercises and Simulated Emergency Tests for disaster-related exercises (sometimes in conjunction with local Disaster Services), radio amateurs, in a sense are always practicing proper operational procedures while “on the air”, whether mobiling or otherwise.
Thanks for your considerations about our concerns and wish you all the best in continuing to make our roads safer.
Garry Jacobs VE6CIA Certified Emergency Coordinator, Radio Amateurs of Canada – Section Manager, Alberta
45 Selkirk Blvd. Red Deer, AB T4N 0G4 403-343-1930

Bill 16, the Traffic Safety (Distracted Driving) Amendment Act, 2010 is available on the Legislative Assembly of Alberta’s website at: http://www.assembly.ab.ca/. Frequently asked questions related to Bill 16 are also available online on Alberta Transportation’s website (http://www.transportation.alberta.ca/). We welcome comments and questions regarding Bill 16, which can be submitted online by visiting: http://alberta.ca/home/Feedback.cfm.
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