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Shop and Swap Details

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Swap ‘n’ Shop is a local place to sell/buy/trade used amateur radio equipment. We regularly announce this after the weekly net

For Internet visitors, please be advised that the majority of items originate from Central Alberta Canada. Those items from outside of the province of Alberta are duly noted.

All items on the swap and shop will be posted indefinately unless otherwise advised. Please notify the coordinator if there are any additions, deletions, or changes as they occur.

The swap and shop list’s items for SALE, WANTED, TRADE, DONATED or from an estate sale and can be viewed on the Internet at caarc.ca. Listings are accepted from individuals, both licensed and non-licensed and from any Amateur Radio club.


Submitting / Editing Items listed in the Swap ‘n’ Shop
If you have any amateur radio related items that you want to sell, trade, donate or purchase please upload them yourself to the Swap and Shop Section of the FORUM as shown below. You can also send by surface mail to us from the contact page.

As stated above the online forum here for Swap ‘n’ Shop can now be used directly for posting your own items. You can simply post a new post with the details and pictures (if you have any) and everyone can view it.