Alberta Wide ARES Coordinated Frequencies

Apologize my list is outdated, please note the correct UHF repeater pairs. Shows how far behind I am in updating my own documentation. Still waiting on the hiring of a secretary to proof read my emails.


Alberta Wide ARES Coordinated Frequencies

146.595 100.0hz CTCSS
ARES VHF Simplex

147.015/147.615 100.0hz CTCSS
Portable ARES VHF Repeater

446.125 100.0hz CTCSS
ARES UHF Simplex

442.275/447.275 100.0hz CTCSS
Portable ARES UHF Repeater

442.300/447.300 100.0hz CTCSS
Secondary ARES UHF Repeater/Link

443.600/448.600 Portable S&R UHF Repeater

IRLP Reflector #9302

Curtis Bidulock VE6AEW

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