Central Alberta Amateur Radio Club

Amateur Radio is a fascinating international hobby enjoyed by individuals from all aspects of life. Amateur radio operators, or Hams, as they are often referred to, have a common interest in Radio as a hobby.
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 Local hams meet at the north end A&W on Mon wed Friday and Saturday mornings around ten o’clock, everyone is very welcome. Listen to VE6QE 147.150 -600 for directions and more info.

  • #1 written by John Rogers VE5JR
    about 1 years ago

    Recently moved to a Red Deer condo. No room for a ham station. I have a number of items I would like to contact a person I could hire to remove and sell them – or donate to “needy” people still in the hobby.


  • #2 written by Steve Holland
    about 1 years ago

    Looking to move to the area soon. Was wondering how to go about getting a new call sign. Thanks Steve VE3SHZ