Club Net Information


The Central Alberta Amateur Radio Club holds a net every Monday night at 8:00 PM local time.The net is held on the VHF repeater system owned by the club.The net is a regular weekly time to check in individually on your local repeater with a net controller who lists new announcements and provides a common time for people to get in contact with other hams. All hams are welcome to check in to the local net operated by our club.

You are invited to check into our net every Monday evening at 8:00 PM local time and we welcome your input to make the CAARC net more enjoyable. We are also always looking for new net controllers to help run the net. Please call or send a private message to VE6BLD Bob King to volunteer for even a short stint, such as once a month for as many months as your are willing to help the club. For instructions and the script to run the net see below. As amateurs we are expected to be very proficient in times of emergency and having experience running a net is invaluable.

Weekly VHF Net

Every Monday evening at 2000 hrs MST
Central Alberta Amateur Radio Club Repeaters

Red Deer Area ——————— VE6QE- 147.150 +600
Rocky Mountain House Area——— VE6VHF- 146.910 -600
Nordegg Area ———————- VE6PZ – 145.210 -600
Big Valley Area ———————– VE6UK – 145.430 -600

Suggested NET Control Script

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