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Vertical HF Antenna for SOTA

This is a solution I came up with when I reach a summit where there is insufficient room to deploy an EFHW antenna. This mount fits on the tip of my trekking pole that I poke upside down in the snow or prop up with rocks. I attach the coax to one BNC fitting and a Diamond vertical antenna to the other BNC fitting. There are four ground wire attachments for the ground plane wires that I just lay out in the snow or on the ground. The photo shows the antenna in use on the summit of Lipalian Mountain.

SOTA Activations, Short Video Example

If you have been curious about what a SOTA activation looks like, this video is typical of our beautiful Canadian mountain SOTA activations.
Paul Mower


Transformer Balun for SOTA

My buddy in the US has designed this transformer for SOTA activations.  It is light weight, good to 50 watts and looks “cool”, BNC connector.  I am placing an order for winter antenna projects, they are about $10 each so please let me know if you would like me to increase the order for your needs.  I use one on my EFHW 20/40 meter SOTA antenna. 

SOTA Activations and Outdoor Operations

For those interested in SOTA or outdoor portable operations, I am attaching some recent photos of recent operating locations from which I have been working. In addition to SOTA activations, I do some maintenance and custodial work for the Alpine Club of Canada so I have been operating from the ACC back-country huts. The video link below is a short tour of one of the huts I visit frequently which has a short clip of my operation within the hut.

Sota set-up on Allstones Ridge

sota activation in Japan as JJ1TLL

With Troy (VA6TNA) on a SOTA activation of Corkscrew Mountain

Great Cairn Hut, Selkirks.

Elizabeth Parker Hut, Yoho

Fryatt Hut, Jasper