I was surprised and delighted to see John’s (VA6SJA) post about CW and that a couple of Hams are looking to improve Morse Code skills. Because of Covid, the last couple of months I have been re-learning Morse as well. Licensed in 1982 I was at one time comfortable at 18-20 wpm. Not having used CW in very many years I also had a desire to get back at it.
I found a site CWops, that has a great training system tailored to all levels of operator skills. You can self train on your own at any time or they have structured classes with interacting instruction (3 times per year, January to March, April) to June, etc) (https://cwops.org/cw-academy/cw-academy-options/) They use the Farnsworth method, which seems to be the standard learning tool these days. There are a large assortment of training/student resources for receiving and transmitting CW (Practice QSO, words, abbreviation text files etc, too many to list here. They also have numerous on air tests “contests” for students. This is a large site with many features. If interested have a look. This is all free, the desire being to promote the use and operation of the CW mode.
When first licensed we had a group of locals in Kelowna that would meet on 10 meters which gave good local coverage (even with a closed band) for practice sending and receiving.

Neil VA6AK