This is some of my Field Day story. What is yours? Anyone else who participated in Field Day is welcome to post about their efforts to this web site.

I have always enjoyed Field Day since my introduction to the ARRL sponsored annual event as a new amateur in 1994.

To adapt CAARC’s 2020 Field Day efforts to today’s COVID reality, as CAARC appointed Field Day leaders, Paul VA6MPM and I decided to encourage participation from individual stations this year rather than gathering in a big group to set up and operate a Class A station. This resulted in amateurs participating from their regular home stations, either using commercial power or using emergency batteries or generators, or participating in portable stations of 1 or 2 participants (Class B).

Here is the story of my setting up my 2020 Field Day Station.

Partly because of my family’s frequent moves, I do not have a permanent outside amateur radio antenna infrastructure. More >