There is a fairly new net on Saturday nights called the Weather Radio Listeners Newsletter Net. It is hosted by Gordon Maybee, VA3WXA out of Toronto. It begins at 8pm Atlantic, 7pm Eastern on IRLP Reflector 9034 and if you have a computer, Echolink node 223557. It has information about Weather Radio and also CANWARN. It will also include weather warnings across Canada and power outages. We are trying to make this a Cross Canada Net to include all provinces and Territories.We are looking for station from Québec to participate as we do not have any stations checking in from there yet.

We are looking for stations who are interested in weather to take part. If you have a weather station, you can report your findings at your QTH or if you have any local severe weather going on, you can report on that.

For more information about the net, go to The Maritime Amateur website and click on CANWARN. Once there, click on CANWARN news where you will find articles on this net. Here is the direct link: