regulator board


A whole range of small regulator boards or modules are available from your favorite on-line shopping sites for very little money.  I gave the most recently arrived unit a quick once over.

The on board voltmeter is fairly accurate but if you need to adjust voltage exactly I suggest a good multi-meter.

I measured quiescent current at 25 mA (compared to 5 mA with a 7805).

Voltage regulation was good; switching an 11 ohm load at 5 volts did not result in a noticeable drop.  The regulator IC stayed cold – at least until the load resistors started smoking.test setup

I put my scope across the load and found an interesting [Eastern Rockies] waveform about 0.5 V at 10 KHz.

output waveform

There is one 220 uF electrolytic across the output.  The scope suggests that some additional output filtering is in order.


All in all a useful piece of kit for only a very few dollars.