CAARC Participation in 2020 ARRL Field Day`

Contribute to the CAARC accumulated Field Day score! When submitting your entry to the ARRL, making sure that you state “Central Alberta Amateur Radio Club” in the space for “Club”. Each participating station will have to submit its own entry.

Submitting Your Entry

When you submit your entry to the ARRL it gets published in QST with stations of the same class. It is a way of saying, “I was there.” It also helps the ARRL count the numbers of participating stations and amateurs.

During the Field Day Period, just concentrate on making an accurate log of any completed Field Day QSO including the time completed and on completing any bonus activities that you have decided to participate in. ARRL prefers that we provide a list of stations worked by band/mode during the Field Day period (dupe sheet or an alpha/numeric list sorted by band and mode or alternately a Cabrillo Log) (Note: Some logging software will create this list). Now count the QSOs in each list. Here is a scrap of an early form of the Dupe Sheet submitted for Field Day Station VE6QE for 2019 (prepared by N3FJP Field Day Log program):



“Call Used: VE6QE Class: 3A  ARRL Section: AB

Dupe Sheet

80  CW



80  CW  Total Contacts = 1



80  PH




…(snip to shorten example/va6sja)





80  PH  Total Contacts = 35



40  CW



40  CW  Total Contacts = 1

… and more like this!”

Submissions must be made or postmarked by Tuesday July 28, 2020.

You can pick one of 3 ways of submitting your entry; web applet, email or mail.

The easiest way to report is via the applet you will find at on the internet. It will do the scoring and multiplication calculations for you. All you have to do is answer the questions. You will have to attach your list of non-duplicated QSO partner stations separated by band-mode. You will also have to attach documentation for any Bonuses that you claim. The ARRL really encourages this method of submission, so much that they grant a 50-point bonus. Find the official rules for reporting via the applet at  Rule 8.3.

Or you can report via email to . You will need to the Field Day Summary. Some logging programs will prepare that for you. When John VA6SJA submitted the VE6QE entry by email in 2019, Paul Bourque, N1SFE, ARRL Contest Program Manager, emailed him back, stating that the web submission would gain a 50-point bonus and strongly suggesting that I submit via the web applet. Find the official rules for reporting via email at  Rule 8.4.

You can make a submission by mail. You must fill out the Field Day Summary sheet available here: .. Answer the questions and follow it through. It is a little like completing and income tax form. Find the official rules for reporting via email at  Rule 8.5.

Coming next Logging for Field Day

Background, official rules, and many hints can be found at .

ARRL’s official Field Day site is .

Comments or questions to Paul VA6MPM (find his email on, or John VA6SJA, .

John VA6SJA and Paul VA6MPM