The weather is looking promising so we’re going to give it another try this Saturday, September 29.

Please pass this on to anyone you think may be interested.

73, Bruce – VE5BNC

Unfortunately we’ve had to postpone the flight due to terrible weather.  (near freezing, 40km winds and a mix of snow and rain).

I’ll re-send an announcement when we have it rescheduled.




Hi Bob

The Saskatoon Amateur Radio Club is planning on flying a VHF voice repeater on our next flight on September 22.  Please pass this on to anyone you think will be interested.

SABRE-27 High Altitude Balloon is scheduled to be launched on Saturday, September 22 at 15:00 UTC (Weather Permitting)

Some of the particulars are:

SABRE-27 High Altitude Balloon Amateur Radio Payloads

2 meter, 1 watt Simplex Repeater (a Store and Forward or Parrot Repeater)

Repeater Simplex Frequency  147.540MHz  (Up-link and Down-link)

Repeater ID:   VE5AA

Two – APRS Trackers sending information on Altitude, Latitude, Longitude

VE5AA-11  500 MW beacon every minute also with Telemetry of Temperature and Battery Voltage
VE5AA-12  500 mW beacon every minute, timed to interleave with VE5AA-11 beacons
A 10 mW CW beacon on 433.9 (+- as it will drift with temperature)

People can view the location of SABRE-27 by searching for the APRS tracker ID’s on aprs.fi

or use link                https://aprs.fi/#!call=a%2FVE5AA-11%2Ca%2FVE5AA-12&timerange=21600&tail=21600

The payloads will ascend with the balloon and descend with a parachute, total time 3 to 4 hours

Anticipated height is at least 90,000 feet (18miles) variable

Of particular interest to many Radio Amateur may be the 2m Simplex Repeater operating at a height of 18 miles above earth, that should provide a fairly wide coverage, possible west to BC, east to Ontario, and south to the northern States.  Range of the extended repeater coverage will vary depending on height of repeater at various times but may be usable for approximately 3 hours.

We encourage all Radio Amateurs regardless of their location or type of equipment, to take participate, and take advantage of this opportunity to get some DX? through a 2meter qrp repeater up in the sky.

Lets see what kind of radio coverage we can get.


Bruce – VE5BNC