The club has purchased a new controller from Link Communications to replace the aging and faltering controller we are using now.

The average user won’t hear much difference when you connect  to the VE6QE repeater but in the background there are better improvements.  Things like the actual programming is easier and there are more radio ports to add more link radios. The pix shows the controller and the new UHF hub repeater mounted in a test rack in my shack for programming and testing. The radio at the bottom is going to be a new link that can connect the CAARC system into the SARA system for emergencies…It won’t be on full time like our other linked repeaters but can be connected by DTMF commands when needed… The only thing that is not shown here is the larger DVR (Digital Voice Recorder) that we are using presently on the existing system.  I hope to have it all ready to be installed at the repeater site in the spring. I will be bringing the controller to the next club meeting so if you want to see it you better show up. I will also be bringing some of the older home brew repeaters we have used in the past to compare old repeater building to the newer ones.

Skip, VE6BGT