[html] The new radio shack on top of Baseline mountain has been installed and all the equipment has been transferred over."new_building-small2.jpg" "back_of_racks.jpg"
This new building is top notch and we are very lucky to be able to use it.
Thanks goes out to Husky Oil for giving us access and especially for  designing the new building for us to have our own rack to put the VE6VHF repeater into. Also for the use of DC power which is generated up there by TIG generators and solar panels. Also thanks goes out to Dick at Communications Group for all his help and supplying us with new LMR cables to hook our ant ports to the new Poly Phaser grounding panel on the wall..Our feed line doesn't go right into the shack any more so we needed new cables made. 
Some more work needs to be done to clean up the cables on the outside of the building to add the cable tray over to the tower itself and then a new support for our long feed line over to our tower… We poured a new cement base for this support while we were up there and Comm Group will finish this later on…Skip

More pixs are in the Gallery in VE6BGT's album on club repeaters… [/html]
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