RAC Bulletin 2010-007E

Canadian Amateur Radio Access to 137 Khz.
Industry Canada has approved access by Canadian radio  amateurs to
the Low Frequency (LF) band 135.7 ? 137.8 kHz, subject to
certain conditions. The Revised Canadian Table of Frequency
Allocations, promulgated in December 2009 to incorporate changes
arising from decisions taken at World Radiocommunication Conference
(WRC) 2007, permits amateur use on a Secondary basis subject to
Footnote 5.67A. The Footnote states: “Stations in the amateur service using frequencies in the band 135.7-137.8 kHz shall not exceed a maximum radiated power of 1 W (EIRP) and shall not cause harmful
interference to stations of the radionavigation service operating
in countries listed in No. 5.67. (WRC-07)”. Industry Canada has advised that Canadian radio amateurs may now use the band and that Schedule I of RBR-4 Standards for the Operation of Stations in the Amateur Radio Service will be amended in due course.Richard Ferch VE3IAY/VE3KI
Vice President Regulatory Affairs Radio Amateurs of Canada

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