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Message to all users

To ensure you receive the best possible help, please keep the following in mind: Message to all users Welcome to the official forum and swap and shop community for the CAARC site, hosted by WordPress. To ensure you receive the best possible help, please keep the following in mind: Use descriptive titles – Summarize your question or issue. The more descriptive your title the better. Make it easy to read – Don’t use fancy formatting in your posts if it’s not necessary. Lists are great if you’ve got several questions, or if you need to outline steps to reproduce an issue you’re having. CAPSLOCK IS NOT YOUR FRIEND. Search before posting – Chances are that someone has had the same problem as you before. Check to see if there are similar topics, and try not to create duplicates. Be patient – There are hundreds of posts . Don’t worry if you don’t get an answer straight away. Best Practices Keep it focused: Use a clear title for your topic, and keep comments succinct and relevant. If you have another unrelated question, consider starting a new thread.  Do not start multiple threads for the same issue. Do search first to see if your question has already been answered. Be mindful of privacy: Public forums are indexed by search engines, so do not share sensitive details related to passwords, payments, or other information. Information posted in our forums will only be deleted at staff’s discretion if it presents a valid security or personal safety concern. Community Standards We may temporarily or permanently suspend forum privileges for accounts that do not comply with our  community standards and terms of service: Be respectful: Be friendly, patient, and encouraging to all members of our community. Name-calling, harassment, and other abuse toward staff or the community will not be tolerated. If you run into abuse here, please Contact the administrator for attention. No advertising: Do not use the forums to promote your site, products, or services — this includes self-promoting links in replies. Do not post links to sites that violate our terms of service. Do not ask non-staff community members to contact you privately. Thank you and enjoy.

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