The VA6DMR repeater, which supports the DMR digital format, recently went on the air. It is connected the the international BrandMeister network. Any amateur station is welcome to utilize the repeater. It may be accessed by any UHF DMR radio which supports the DMR standard.

The frequency is 443.6625+, Color code 1. The following talkgroups are carried full-time:

Alberta, Talkgroup 3026, Timeslot 2
Manitoba, Talkgroup 3024, Timeslot 1
Local, Talkgroup 9, Timeslot 2

The repeater is located southwest of Penhold on a 100ft tower, on elevated land. It provides coverage from Mountain View County to Ponoka County. Coverage within Red Deer City should be excellent. Operation mobile from south of Highway 27 (Olds) to north of Lacombe, along Highway 2 has been tested successfully.

More information is available at:

Users may review their inbound signal strength in real-time at:

Amateurs who own a “hotspot” will also be able to communicate with stations who utilize the VA6DMR repeater. There are DMR-connected hams in Calgary and Edmonton who are active on the Alberta BrandMeister talkgroup.